A brand developed as part of KOLON GLOBAL’s Pleasant Life Project. KANKAN SMART SPACE offers modular furniture designed to facilitate customization of the formulaic apartment spaces in Korea that leave minimal room for modification once they are built. Presented as the brand’s key visual is the KANKAN FAMILY, the characters of which were developed from the shapes of the KANKAN system furniture.KANKAN SMART SPACE provides customers with a KIT tailored to their family structure to offer a preview of the space before they move into an apartment. The KIT consists of a brochure, a pop-up book, a postcard, a pencil, and an eco-bag.A motion graphic demonstration of the KANKAN SMART SPACE assemblage is installed at the display apartments along with life-size furniture and figures of the KANKAN FAMILY characters for an elevated brand experience.

Description: Brand Identity
Direction: Dalwoo Lee
Graphic Design:
Yoonji Lee, Hyunjin Lee, Jaewon Chung, Kyungryun Ju Han, Jaewon Chung
Date of completion: 2022. 3
Juyeon Lee